Research Interests


Isabel is CSO SilicoLife and Assistant Professor UMinho. PhD in Chemical Engineering and Post-Doc in Metabolic Engineering and Systems Biology at the Technical University of Denmark and spent one semester at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, USA. Her international collaborations include an appointment with the Brazilian Bioethanol Science and Technology Center. She is Principal Investigator and Assistant Professor at the Biological Engineering Department, University of Minho, Portugal. She is also a member of the board of the PhD program in Bioengineering of the MIT-Portugal initiative. She is the PI of several projects, with more than 80 papers published in international journals and books.

Simão is the CEO of SilicoLife. MSc Bioinformatics (University of Minho), postgraduate in management from NOVA School of Business and Economics and trained in Blue Ocean Strategy at INSEAD. Was visiting researcher at the Technical University of Denmark, in the integration of omics data with genome scale models. Collaborated with the UMinho in the fields of Bioinformatics and Systems Biology, with published work in computational biology top ranked journals.  Member of the board of P-BIO, Portuguese Bioindustry Association and consultant for international organizations in industrial biotechnology topics.

About the Projects

Dr. Simão Soares and Dr. Isabel Rocha

About the Company

SilicoLife develops state-of-the-art optimization algorithms and uses proprietary computational and modelling tools to accelerate the design of microbial strains and novel pathways, based on metabolic engineering and synthetic biology approaches, shortening the development time and costs of new highly effective processes for the production of specific target compounds such as chemicals, food ingredients or biopolymers.