Søren Petersen

Project 7: Characterized Parts Library & Pathway Evolver

Metabolic pathway flux is subject to diverse layers of regulation. In order to rationally select and engineer regulatory elements for control of single- and multi-step biosynthetic pathways there is a need for gathering high-resolution data on the sequence-function relationship of pathway regulation, and translate this knowledge into algorithms for prediction of best-performing combinations of regulatory elements. This project will focus on the generation of large libraries of variant designs of selected biosynthetic pathways and use biosensors to explore the performance of the individual pathway designs. The project is in collaboration with BioCad company TeselaGen (CA, US) and the Joint BioEnergy Institute in Emeryville, CA (USA). 

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About the Project

Research Interests


I have a bachelor and a masters degree in Biotechnology from The Technical University of Denmark. During my education I also studied at the University of Maryland in the US and at ETH in Switzerland. Furthermore, I have been associated with the Bacterial Synthetic Biology group at CfB both as bachelor and as master student. My limited research background is within synthetic biology. I have worked on construction and characterisation of modular genetic networks as well as on expression balancing of the thiamin pathway in E. coli.