About the Project

Homa Mohammadi Peyhani

Project 5:  Kinetic models of genome-scale metabolic networks in yeast.

The objective is to develop kinetic models of the native metabolic networks in yeast and of the biochemical pathways used for the production of fuels and chemicals. The kinetic models will be based initially on the genome-scale stoichiometric models build and analyzed in Chalmers, and they will be used as chassis where the pathways assembled in the BUILD WP will be computationally analyzed and optimized. The models will be further tailored to the needs of the BUILD and TEST projects: adjust the network size and include all the enzyme reactions and cellular processes required for the most accurate description of the pathways and processes of the systems studied in BUILD and TEST. 

More information: http://lcsb.epfl.ch/ 

Research Interests


I am currently a  PhD student in the Laboratory of Computational Systems Biotechnology at EPFL under supervision of Prof. Vassily Hatzimanikatis. 
Prior to my enrolment at EPFL I got my MSc. and BSc. in Chemical Engineering at Sharif University of Technology in Iran. My major was Process Control and I did my master's thesis  under the supervision of Prof. Bozorgmehry. During my  master project, I focused on application of artificial intelligence and programming in Metabolic Networks identification. I employed Ontology Theory to develop a multi-agent framework for synthesising, characterisation and behaviour analysis (statical  and dynamical) of metabolic networks. My primary research interests are computational biology and metabolic engineering to bring about new methods for biotechnological applications. I am also interested in developing algorithms for processing massive data sets, and digital and adaptive control in novel systems.