Research Interests

I am biological engineer graduated from Universidad Nacional de Colombia in Medellin. During my undergraduate studies I had the opportunity of working on the evaluation of a process for the production of xanthan gum, both at the laboratory and at pilot scale, under the supervision of PhD Fernando Orozco. I performed my masters degree in chemical engineering under the supervision of PhD Camilo Alberto Suarez Mendez, where my main thesis objective was to develop an in silico biosynthetic platform for the production of ethylene from syngas, using metabolic engineering and thermodynamic tools. 

In biological processes, rational design has been my prior interest since it allows to apply science to solve real problems, as well as to integrate engineering and biology concepts at different scales. Being enrolled in SilicoLife and PAcMEN project represents an opportunity to develop novel methodologies of metabolic engineering and to continue my doctoral studies in this research line, since I would like to explore new models and applications.

Leslie Astrid Avendaño Montoya

Project 3: Development of advanced simulation/optimization methods and cellular objective functions

The objective of the project is to propose innovative mathematical modelling approaches to simulate and optimize the production of bio-based chemicals. By collecting kinetic data and exploiting dynamic modelling accounting for regulation and enzyme constraints. This approach, will be used to find engineering solutions to overcome critical metabolic bottlenecks in the bioproduction of value-added chemicals. The case-study used to validate the new methods will be the synthesis of aromatic amino acids derivative products in E. coli. In the project it will be also considered the economical assessment of the bioprocess. Rationally designed optimal strains will be then validated by implementing predicted genetic modifications and evaluating metabolic phenotypes.

About the Project